Monday, April 27, 2009

My new year's resolutions:

1. Would try to figure out why I need 10 e-mail addresses.
2. Would try to send atleast one mail a month to my friends.
3. call my parents atleast once a week. (this ones' dedicated to my parents).
4. Kick my boss on his butt whenever he comes up with his silly jokes. (dedicated to my team).
5. Avoid taking a diet coke with pizza-with-extra-cheese. (dedicated to my myself).
6. Would consume alcohol only on weekends and weekdays. (this ones for ME again).
7. Would not enter my e-mail address at websites in an attempt to unsubscribe from the spam I recieve. (to my poor mailbox).
8. Stay away from girls on the internet and concentrate on the ones on the intranet.
9. Would not spend more than an hour a day at orkut. (dedicated to my work).

And last but not the least

“Would not spend my time writing such posts full of crap when I have no work to do at office.”

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