Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lateral Thinking ..

This puzzle is called Lateral Thinking ..
Scroll down slowly and be honest to yourself.
Think like a wizard . . .

1. ------------

Ans. = man overboard

Okay, let's see if you've got the hang of it.

2. ------------

Ans. = I understand

OK .

Got the drift ?

Let's try a few now and see
how you fare ?

3. /r/e/a/d/i/n/g/

Ans. = reading between the lines


Ans. = cross road

Not having a good day now, are you ?

Redeem yourself.

5. cycle

Ans. = tricycle

Not easy to figure out ha!

6. ------------

Ans. = two degrees below zero

C'mon give it a little thought ! !

7. knee

Ans. = neon light

( knee - on - light )

U can prove u r smart by getting this one.

8. ---------------
feet feet feet feet feet feet

Ans. = six feet underground

Oh no, not again ! !

9. he's X himself

Ans. = he's by himself

Now u messing up big time.

10. ecnalg

Ans. = backward glance

Not even close ! !

11. death ..... life

Ans. = life after death

Okay last chance ...................


Ans. = think big ! !

And the last one is real fundoo - - -

13. ababaaabbbbaaaabbbbababaabbaaabbbb...

Ans. = long time no 'C'

Be Good. And If You Can't Be Good Be Careful!


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